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Congratulations Karen Ross, new Secretary of CDFA

January 14, 2011 Michael R. Dimock

Tweet Important News –Governor Jerry Brown has appointed Karen Ross as Secretary of the California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA). She has most recently been Chief of Staff with […]

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Opening Remarks, 2010 ROC Network Summit

October 5, 2010 Michael R. Dimock

Wow, so this is so exciting for me and for the ROC team. By team I mean the Council, the Staff and our group of consultants. This event culminates years […]

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Bon Appétit Management Company Can Party & Talk Policy Too!

October 4, 2010 Michael R. Dimock

Amazing, I thought to myself as I walked into the University of San Francisco Dining Hall on September 28, 2010, it smells great! I was invited by Bon Appétit Management […]

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Food and Farm Changes Afoot, Your Chance to Weigh In

September 24, 2010 Michael R. Dimock

There are big changes in food and farming happening at the highest levels of California government and this is your chance to weigh in with your opinions. First a bit […]

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ROC President: Food Movement Unites Unlikely Allies

June 15, 2010 Michael R. Dimock

Michael Pollan’s latest article, “The Food Movement, Rising” in the New York Review of Books, is well worth careful reading. He offers both an overview of the movement’s evolution and […]

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Time for a New Alliance on Healthy Food and Agriculture

April 6, 2010 Michael R. Dimock

The Agriculture Committee of the US Senate has taken a first big step forward toward President Obama’s call for improved child nutrition by requesting an additional $450 million per year […]

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A 21st Century Social Contract Between Agriculture & the Public

January 8, 2010 Michael R. Dimock

ROC President, Michael Dimock, joined former USDA Secretary Dan Glickman and Texas State University food system researcher and author, Dr. Jimmy McWillams, on a panel for the Farm Foundation's Agriculture […]

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The Nitrogen Challenge

October 12, 2009 Michael R. Dimock

Late last week mass media woke up to a core challenge of civilization: providing sufficient nitrogen to feed plants without exacerbating climate change and water degradation in a world going […]

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The Urban-Rural Roundtable: Testimony before California’s State Board of Food & Agriculture

September 30, 2009 Michael R. Dimock

President Montna, Secretary Kawamura and distinguished members of the Board, thank you for inviting Roots of Change to share with you details about our Urban-Rural Roundtables project: the why, the […]

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California Ag Vision Continues to Impress: bold thinking shines through

September 15, 2009 Michael R. Dimock

I wanted to share my impressions from the second California Ag Vision process meeting held on Tuesday, September 15th. The first was held in early August. This is the stakeholder […]

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