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Dr. D’Artagnan Scorza, leader of the Social Justice Learning Institute and UCLA professor talks, about how the voices and desires of people in communities most impacted by lack of access to healthy food are not being heard by legislators.

Rodger Wasson, host of the Farm to Table Talk podcast, former head of the Almond Board of California and other commodity-based industry associations, and Michael compare journeys and perspectives on agriculture.

Clare Fox, executive director of the Los Angeles Food Policy Council, shares how one of the nation’s largest and most dynamic food movement nonprofits is reshaping the food in LA and beyond. August 27, 2019.

  Chris Sayer, optimistic Ventura County lemon and avocado farmer, shares his inspiring story of continuous adaptation to multiple changes in our complex world. August 13, 2019.


Michael’s Final Thoughts Coming Out of Slow Food Nations in Denver
Aug 6, 2019


Denisa Livingston, Diné leader from New Mexico tribal lands, shares groundbreaking victory in taxing soda and junk food to help heal her people ravaged by Type II Diabetes. It’s a brief and uplifting conversation! July 30, 2019.


Two veteran chapter leaders, Marissa La Brecque and Jennifer Breckner, share the highs and lows of movement leadership at the local level. July 25, 2019.


An honest conversation with Anthony Myint (Mission Chinese, Commonwealth, The Perennial), Duskie Estes (Zazu Kitchen and Farm, Next Iron Chef), host Michael R. Dimock and the audience centered on how San Francisco and the Bay Area can maintain its place as a culinary Mecca, given the exorbitant cost of living. July 12, 2019.


Paolo Di Croce, Secretary General of  Terra Madre Foundation and International Secretary of Slow Food International Board of Directors. He discusses with Michael the future of Slow Food Nations. July 22, 2019.


Special Report From Slow Food Nations – Part 2
July 21, 2019


Special Report From Slow Food Nations – Part 1
July 10, 2019


Kat Taylor, Co-CEO and Co-Founder of Beneficial State Bank, Founding Director of TomKat Ranch Educational Foundation and its grass-finished beef operation Left Coast Ranch. She and her husband Tom Steyer, are radical philanthropists. We explore her roots and work to transform agriculture, philanthropy and banking in order to re-democratize America. July 16, 2019.


A Few Minutes on
Healthy Food and
July 9


Elighthe iconic rapper of The Grouch and Eligh and Living Legends shares how food is part of his journey from addiction to health and we explore how independent artists and sustainable farmers share a groove. July 2, 2019.


A Few Minutes on the Food Movement: Los Angeles Food Policy Council – A Model for
the Nation
June 25, 2019


Leah Penniman, co-founder of Soul Fire Farm and author of Farming While Black, shares her journey to advance social and food justice through her farm and collaborative community. June 18, 2019.


4 Minutes on  Food and Farming
June 11, 2019


Anna Lappé, founder Real Food Media, author of Grub & Diet for a Hot Planet: Her food movement journey and state of the food movement. June 4, 2019.


10 Minutes: Musings on the Movement
May 28, 2019


Tony Coturri, Coturri Winery: The Godfather of California’s natural wine movement shares his winemaking philosophy. Part 1 & 2. May 21, 2019.


4 Minutes on  Food and Farming
May 14, 2019


Navina Khanna, Director, Heal Food Alliance: Her journey and reflections on building food movement power. Part 1 & 2. May 7, 2019.


3 Minutes on the Food Movement
April 30, 2019


Woody Tasch, founder Slow Money Institute: Slow Money: Is It a Viable Way to Fund Expansion of Local Food Systems? Part 1 & 2.
April 23, 2019


Special episode:

15 minutes
April 16, 2019


Nicolette Hahn Niman, author Defending Beef & Rightous Pork Chop: The Case for Sustainable Meat Production: Meat is Political: What is the future of meat? Part 1 & 2. April 9, 2019.


4 Minutes on Healthy Food and Farming: Food is the Basis to our Health
April 2, 2019


Paul Dolan, Biodynamic Grapegrower & Former CEO Fetzer Vineyards: What is Regenerative Agriculture & Why Does it Matter?
Part 1 & 2. March 26, 2019.


4 Minutes on Healthy Food and Farming: Progress is Evident
March 19, 2019


Dr. Howard-Yana Shapiro, Chief Agricultural Officer, Mars Inc: Disrupting Agriculture: Regenerative Agriculture, Gene Editing and the Challenge of Reaching Societal Agreement. Part 1 & 2.. March 12, 2019.


4 Minutes on Healthy Food and Farming: Agriculture as a Solution to Climate Chaos
March 5, 2019


Dan Imhoff, Author of The Farm Bill: A Citizen’s Guide: The New Farm Bill: Where is it broken and how can it be fixed? February 26, 2019.


3 Minutes on the Food Movement with Michael R. Dimock
February 19, 2019.


J. Miakoda Taylor, Founder and CEO, Fierce Allies: Creating Food Movement Power by Healing Its Dis-membered Parts. Part 1 & 2. February 12, 2019.

4 Minutes on Healthy Food and Farming with Michael R. Dimock
February 5, 2019


Naomi Starkman, Founder and Editor-in-Chief, Civil Eats: Reporting on the Food Movement: 10 Years of Frontline Observations. January 29, 2019.


3 Minutes on the Food Movement with Michael R. Dimock
January 24, 2019


Anya Fernald, Co-founder and CEO Belcampo Meat Company Meat is Political: What is the future of meat? January 15, 2019.