Plant-Forward Diets

Overconsumption of carbohydrates, added sugar, factory-farmed meats and trans fats concentrated in highly processed and fast food is harming millions of Americans. The data is clear, for millions of Americans increasing consumption of fruits and vegetables is essential to their health and that of the planet.

We support most efforts to promote plant-forward diets with the caveat that such efforts are careful not to demonize producers of pasture raised and grass-finished, responsibly raised livestock. We must take this position to support our related belief that animals are needed to achieve a regenerative, climate smart and just agriculture globally.

We also believe that the ratio of plants to meats and proteins needed to maintain the health of individuals may vary based on their genetics. Veganism works for some and not for others. A carnivore diet works for some and not for others. We support educating all people on the paths to proper nutrition and to support an individual’s ability to make choices and access healthy food.