Regenerative Agriculture: Education & Resources

The term regenerative farming/agriculture is still in the process of being defined; here are some useful links to learn more about it:

1)  Regenerative Agriculture Resources

  • Kiss the Ground
    • An audience-supported nonprofit promoting regeneration and healthy soil as a viable solution for our climate, wellness, and water crisis. Since 2013 we’ve inspired millions to participate in the Regenerative Movement through storytelling, education, and partnerships.


2) Examples of Regenerative Agriculture in Action


3) ROC’s Flipping the Table Podcast Episodes Related to Regenerative Agriculture

S5 – Ep#12 – Jim Kleinschmit of Other Half Processing and the Growing GRASS Climate Smart Commodities Partnership Project. Farm boy and entrepreneur Jim Kleinschmit started a company called Other Half Processing to ensure that the hides and other byproducts from cattle and bison are fully utilized.

S5 – Ep#11 – Will Harris Regenerates An Entire Community Through White Oak Pastures. After decades of economic decline around the Harris family’s farm, Will experienced an epiphany that led to a journey to what we now call regenerative agriculture.  November 15, 2023.

S5 – Ep #10 – Filmmakers Josh and Rebecca Tickell share their story of the making of Common Ground and why regenerative agriculture must become the norm. October 18, 2023

S5 – Ep#9 – The long strange trip of Loren Poncia of Stemple Creek Ranch. September 20, 2023

S5 – Ep#7 – What does Grassfed Meat really mean with Carrie Balkcom of the American Grassfed Association. July 18, 2023

S5 – Ep#6 – Deep Connections: Healthy Soil Leads to Healthy Plants, Animals and Humans. June 13, 2023

S5 – Ep#4 – How Cliff Pollard and Cream Co, Inc. provide the missing middle link in creation of West Coast regional regenerative meat supply chains. April 8, 2023