Food Chain Worker & Immigration Policy

The largest segment of the US workforces is found within the food system. The reality is that in our affluent society, the average American does not choose to face the rigors and dangers inherent to food production, from farm to table. Look at any farm, processing plant, warehouse or kitchen and the truth is evident. We only eat because of a large pool of immigrant labor. If these workers are not respected by providing legal status, safe working and living conditions, and fair wages, history reveals they will be exploited.

We support policies that enhance the lives of food chain workers. This means supporting the right to organize unions, higher minimum wages, overtime and health care coverage, safe and affordable housing, protection from sexual aggression or retribution from managers angry about workers seeking to organize. It also means we support fixing the immigration system to allow workers to come and go legally and to utilize opportunities afforded them in this country to improve their economic status as their work lives progress.