Engaging Food Policy Councils Across the Land

There are now 200 food policy councils in the United States. We believe they are the untapped unbeatable force of the food movement because all politics are local and all food policy councils represent a specific place, a community seeking change. Through strategic, coordinated effort by councils across the land, transformative polices that are being passed in legislative districts across the country can be uplifted in the next federal Farm Bill so that it equitably serves the needs of all our communities urban and rural, underresourced and resourced. Roots of Change is committed to leveraging our successes in California with the California Food Policy Council and it allies, to work in partnership with other food policy councils across the nation as a powerful force for systemic changes. We seek to work with others to deliver solutions for our economy, environment, and health. ROC is seeking funds to join with other councils to create a critical mass capabable of galvanzing the nation. Let us know if you’d like to partner by emailing Michael Dimock.