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Regularly scheduled episodes will be augmented with special brief commentaries from host, Michael Reid Dimock, when current events spur thoughts on food, farming and the good food movement. Email, social media and RSS feeds will alert you!

Season Two of Flipping the Table

Updated Evolving Schedule, September 24, 2020


Scheduled Drop Date 

Oct 1, Christine Tran, New Leader of LA Food Policy Council, Pulse & Social

Oct 15 Imhoff Archives, show #1, Conversations with Regenerative Ag Pioneers: Wendell Berry FTT & Social

Oct 29 Kelli Jackson of Hank’s Mini Market, Pulse & Social

Nov 12 Imhoff Archives, show #2 : TBD, FTT & Social

Nov 26 Deborah Madison, author, Pulse & Social

Dec 10: Imhoff Archives, show #3: TBD, FTT & Social

Dec 24: End of year wrap with excerpts and comments from MD


2021 Preliminary Q1

3 more Imhoff archives segments to finish the series

Maricela Morales, Exec Dir, CAUSE, re farmworker resilience

Michael Pollan, author, on state of food movement

Tanya Holland, Chef on fall out from COVID

Jennifer Reichardt & Mike Dmytrenko, Wine and Gens Y & Z

Naima Penniman, poet, activist on communication and hope

Wade Crowfoot, CA Sec of Resources, on CA response to climate chaos using soil, farms and ranches

Mark Bittman author, food entrepreneur








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