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Regularly scheduled episodes will be augmented with special brief commentaries from host, Michael Reid Dimock, when current events spur thoughts on food, farming and the good food movement. Email, social media and RSS feeds will alert you!


July 23th
Recording of live podcast event in San Francisco at Manny’s from July 12th.  An honest conversation with Anthony Myint (Mission Chinese, Commonwealth, The Perennial), Duskie Estes (Zazu Kitchen and Farm, Next Iron Chef), host Michael R. Dimock and the audience centered on how San Francisco and the Bay Area can maintain its place as a culinary Mecca, given the exorbitant cost of living.

July 30th
James Araby
, political director of United Food and Commercial Workers Union (UFCW), Local 5, advocates for food chain workers and those in the cannabis industry. He shares insights into the future of unions and the needs of those who work to feed us.

August 13
Dana Frasz
, spirited social entrepreneur and founder of FoodShift, talks about her efforts to address, through a single project, three immense societal challenges: food waste, hunger and unemployment.

August 27th
Chris Sayer
, optimistic Ventura County lemon and avocado farmer, shares his inspiring story of continuous adaptation to multiple changes in our complex world.

September 10th
Clare Fox
, executive director of the Los Angeles Food Policy Council, shares how one of the nation’s largest and most dynamic food movement nonprofits is reshaping the food in LA and beyond.

September 24th
Karen Leibowitz and Anthony Myint, the dynamic couple behind the iconic San Francisco restaurant Mission Chinese and the innovative Perennial Farming Initiative, unpack their coming launch of Restore California, a collaboration with the State of California that makes restaurants, farmers and ranchers solutions to global warming. Anthony is the 2019 winner of the Bask Culinary World Prize.

October 7th
Timothy Wise
 directs the Land and Food Rights Program at the Small Planet Institute. We discuss his new book about how industrial agriculture corporations face growing opposition from small farmers across the globe.


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