Strategic Planning Consultation

Our approach is to methodically develop and implement strategic plans or initiatives and effectively collaborating with a network of allies.

The history of Roots of Change is one of formally and methodically developing and implementing strategic plans or initiatives and effectively collaborating with a network of allies.

Look at the results:

• A 2030 vision for the food system that impacted the California Department of Food and Agriculture’s (CDFA) strategy, still in effect.
• The Market Match Nutrition Incentive Program, now operating in hundreds of markets across the state.
• Creation of the first comprehensive systems dynamic map of California’s food system that pinpoints the intervention points offering the highest impact.
• Healthy and sustainable food policies in San Francisco, Los Angeles and San Diego.
• Creation of the Food Insecurity Nutrition Incentive (FINI) provision of the federal Farm Bill.
• A connected network of local food system activists that coalesced into the California Food Policy Council.
• Creation of the Annual Food and Agriculture Legislation Tracker and a Legislators Score Card that reveal policy proposals and rate our legislators’ on their actual commitment to healthy food and agriculture.
• Passage of two bills and two budget requests to create the CDFA-administered California Nutrition Incentive Grant Program.
• Relaunch of the national Healthy Food Action network of 10,000 medical professionals committed to food and agriculture policy change in collaboration with NRDC.
• Weekly production and national distribution of the Flipping the Table podcast to deepen understanding of the food system and build listener support for the change makers reshaping our food and agriculture future.
• ROC-managed, -inspired or -aided strategic initiatives are responsible for unleashing approximately $380 million in government, foundation, business and individual contributions committed to food system change.

To develop a good plan that delivers results, one must first engage in strategic thinking. This simply means mentally dissecting the conditions you face in order to see clearly and analyze carefully the relationship between current reality and that reality which you desire to shape or create.

Roots of Change can provide you with support in undertaking the strategic thinking process and the development of a plan that you can realistically and effectively implement to achieve your goals. We build teams appropriate to a particular engagement because we are linked to and have successfully worked with a large number of consultants and area experts that may be useful in serving your needs.

If you seek to grow your organization and its impact, want to engage in a new type of action, need thought partners in planning a future for your organization, we believe we can help.

For more information about this service or to request a proposal, please contact us.