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California Mayors Newsom and Dellums Challenge Nation’s Cities on Food and Farming

July 14, 2009 Michael R. Dimock

In Oakland, California this past week, the political momentum seemed to clearly and perhaps irrevocably shift to formation of a sustainable food system for the nation. Hailing from three western […]

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Opening Remarks: Developing Sustainable Foodsheds to Improve Food Access and Nutrition

July 9, 2009 Michael R. Dimock

Good morning everyone. My name is Michael Dimock. I am President of Roots of Change and one of your co-hosts for the next two days. It is a great pleasure […]

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The Future of the California Department of Food and Agriculture

June 16, 2009 Michael R. Dimock

Written Testimony for the California Senate, Food and Agriculture Committee, Regarding the Budget and Future of the California Department of Food and Agriculture Presented by Michael R. Dimock, President, Roots […]

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San Francisco Urban-Rural Roundtable 3/31

March 31, 2009 Michael R. Dimock

These are Michael's opening remarks to the San Francisco Urban-Rural Roundtable , a collaboration of urban and rural leaders charged with forming a market development and food access plan for […]

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Ag Vision Process for California – Phase 2

March 27, 2009 Michael R. Dimock

Here, in brief, is my perspective on the beginning of Phase II in the CA Ag Vision process, which commenced this past Tuesday night and lasted through Wednesday evening at […]

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PlacerGROWN Food and Farm Conference

February 14, 2009 Michael R. Dimock

On Feb. 7, I had the opportunity to give the keynote address at the PlacerGROWN Food and Farm Conference. My thanks to Rich Peterson, Roger Ingram and the Board of […]

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Michael’s Thanksgiving Day Blog

November 20, 2008 Michael R. Dimock

Today is Thanksgiving Day. It is a very important day in our culture. It emerges from fact and has become mythologized and sanctified by time and official acts. My favorite […]

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California and the Future of Food, Wine and Community

November 17, 2008 Michael R. Dimock

I recently had the opportunity to give the keynote presentation to the 4th Annual Sustainable Ag Expo in Monterey California, November 12, 2008, entitled "California and the Future of Food, […]

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Michael R. Dimock’s Opening Remarks San Francisco Urban-Rural Roundtable

October 22, 2008 Michael R. Dimock

Thank you Ed, we appreciate you and American Land Trust for taking point on this incredible gathering. I too want to welcome the Mayor, the Secretary and all of you […]

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Giving Thanks, an American Tradition

October 1, 2008 Michael R. Dimock

What do the Pilgrims, George Washington, Sarah J. Hale, and Abraham Lincoln all have in common? Hint: they liked heritage breed turkeys. Yes, they all contributed to the formation of […]

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