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Live Podcast: Our Restaurant Mecca is Becoming a Wreaka

July 12, 2019 Roots of Change

Please join us for a special live podcast event in San Francisco at Manny’s on Friday evening July 12th. This honest conversation will center on how San Francisco and the Bay Area can maintain its place as a culinary Mecca, given the cost of living. Affordable leases for space are very rare and it is […]

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Fixing the Root System of Civilization: 3 Minutes on the Food Movement

January 30, 2019 Michael R. Dimock

Blog Post: Based on the January 2019 Podcast: Power: it’s a loaded word. It creates fear in some, hunger in others. But what is it and why is it needed by the good food movement? I will be exploring its meaning and importance in very brief podcasts each month this year in the hopes of […]

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