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California Regional Regenerative Meat Summit

June 2, 2023 Roots of Change

Roots of Change, UC Davis Food Systems Lab, UC Davis Institute of the Environment and IC-FOODS in collaboration with Mulvaney’s B&L, meat producers and processors are hosting this half-day Summit […]

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Ten Questions with Michael Dimock, President of Roots of Change

August 8, 2016 Roots of Change

Food Tank had the chance to speak with Michael Dimock, President of Roots of Change, who will be speaking at this year’s Farm Tank Summit in Sacramento. Food Tank (FT): […]

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Soda Tax Is Again Before California Legislators

March 17, 2016 Roots of Change

California lawmakers have again introduced legislation to impose a fee on sodas and other sugary beverages — not a true tax, but a “health impact fee” to be paid by beverage […]

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