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The Hunger Challenge Brings Fresh Insights and Renewed Feelings

September 25, 2008 Michael R. Dimock

It’s called The Hunger Challenge and a colleague in the good food movement from the San Francisco Department of Public Health, Paula Jones, asked me to join her in accepting it. […]

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Opening Remarks For Changemakers Day During Slow Food Nation

August 30, 2008 Michael R. Dimock

Following are three sets of opening remarks delivered by Michael Dimock at three panels of Changemakers Day during Slow Food Nation on August 29, 2008. Panel: Network Power and Food […]

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Introducing The Declaration for Healthy Food and Agriculture

August 28, 2008 Michael R. Dimock

What follows is a transcript of the first public reading of the final draft Declaration for Healthy Food and Agriculture By Michael R. Dimock and the Declaration Framers  in the […]

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Historic Illinois Legislation

June 7, 2008 Michael R. Dimock

On June 7th, the Illinois Legislature passed a history-making bill, HB 1300, entitled the Food, Farms and Jobs Act, which creates the Illinois Local and Organic Food and Farm Task […]

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Sustainability: Agriculture’s Pathway to Reclaiming Center Stage

May 22, 2008 Michael R. Dimock

Here is the speech I gave for the Sustainable Agriculture Resource Consortium (SARC, www.sarc.calpoly.edu) at the Cal Poly San Luis Obispo College of Agriculture last week, May 16th. Sustainability: Agriculture's […]

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Notes on the Network

May 15, 2008 Michael R. Dimock

As you may have noticed, ROC is always talking about “the network” or the “Leadership Network.”  That’s because it’s a central part of our theory and strategy about how to […]

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Network Blog

January 1, 2008 Michael R. Dimock

A sustainable food system is the basis for a sustainable civilization. It is fundamental and requires a public focus way beyond that which it currently holds. To create such a […]

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