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Testimony on AB 2385, Market Match Nutrition Incentive Program Bill

April 30, 2014 Michael R. Dimock

Thank you Chairwoman Eggman and esteemed members of the Committee. I am Michael Dimock, president of Roots of Change. Roots of Change, a think and do tank committed to the […]

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Perspectives on 21st Century Agriculture by a Member of the Sustainable Food Movement

March 7, 2014 Michael R. Dimock

Good morning! It is joy to be with you this morning to engage in the most critical issue of our times and the topic of this conference: “Sustainability, the Way […]

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ROC president’s statement on the controversy over the Hulu series “Farmed and Dangerous”

February 22, 2014 Michael R. Dimock

The “Farmed and Dangerous” series now airing on Hulu causes discomfort for many actors seeking changes in food and farming, including ROC. We think this discomfort is a good thing. […]

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Progress, Not Perfection: A Californian View of the Farm Bill

February 12, 2014 Michael R. Dimock

Much has already been said and written about last week’s passage of the Agricultural Act of 2014, otherwise known as the Farm Bill. Observers have offered a mix of lamentation […]

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Report on the CAFPC to the California State Board of Food and Agriculture by Michael R. Dimock, February 4, 2014

February 5, 2014 Michael R. Dimock

Good morning President McNamara and members of the Board. I appreciate the invitation to come share with you an update on the work of Roots of Change, which is now […]

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On the Front Burner: CA Food & Farming Legislation

January 22, 2014 Michael R. Dimock

On January 8, 2014, the growing food movement achieved an important milestone. The California Food Policy Council (CAFPC) released its first report to evaluate California’s legislative record related to food […]

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ROC President Calls For A Farm Bill That Clearly Meets Public Needs, National Press Club, Washington DC

November 6, 2013 Michael R. Dimock

The Farm Foundation, a nonpartisan advocate for sound agriculture policy, hosted a Farm Bill Forum at the National Press Club in Washington DC. Former Texas Congressman Charlie Stenholm moderated the panel […]

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Can Public Health United the Good Food Movement?

September 11, 2013 Michael R. Dimock

In July, I argued that the House’s decision to split out the gargantuan Nutrition Title from the Farm Bill might signal a new era for those of us seeking fundamental reform of agriculture and food systems. This is the second in a three-part series where I lay the groundwork for why unification is crucial for the food movement and how public health can tip the balance of power to ensure the good food movement will prevail in the struggle over the future of our food system.

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A Game-Changer for the Farm Bill and SNAP

July 12, 2013 Michael R. Dimock

ROC President Michael R. Dimock has taken an unusual position on the House Farm Bill passed yesterday. He does it for a reason. Many of ROC’s allies working on the […]

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Food Security and the Next Green Revolution?

March 6, 2013 Michael R. Dimock

On March 4, 2013_ at the Florida International University, in Miami, Roots of Change President, Michael Dimock, delivered the keynote for the School of Environment Arts and Society’s Agroecology Symposium. […]

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