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Mother Nature Has the Last Word

October 11, 2017 Michael R. Dimock

California is burning. Wild fires are natural and common here. Each fall as the heat and dry grasses create the conditions, fires ignite. But clearly for decades now the fires […]

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Time for a Healthy California Fund: two cents for prevention will reduce suffering and save hundreds of billions

March 20, 2017 Michael R. Dimock

The California Legislature has committed to maintain the golden state’s progressive values and leadership in the Trump era. I appreciate this commitment, but see a gap between words and actions. […]

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Food Tank Closing Keynote by Michael Dimock (video clip)

October 4, 2016 Michael R. Dimock

Closing Keynote by Michael Dimock, Food Tank Summit, Sacramento, September 22, 2016. Introduction by Danielle Nierenberg.

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Farm Tank Summit – Closing Keynote by Michael R. Dimock

September 26, 2016 Michael R. Dimock

Michael R. Dimock’s Closing Keynote, Inaugural Farm Tank Summit, Sacramento, California, September 22, 2016: Good afternoon! It has been a pleasure and an honor to share this day in which we […]

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A ROC Call to Action!

May 25, 2016 Michael R. Dimock

We need your voice today! ROC has been working with many allies since February to win a $5 million budget request to support nutrition incentives that help low income families […]

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Michael R. Dimock’s Testimony in Support of Nutrition Incentive Funding Before the California Assembly Budget Committee March 30, 2016

March 30, 2016 Michael R. Dimock

Chairman Bloom and members of the Committee, thank you for inviting me to speak in support of five million dollars for the new statewide Nutrition Incentive Matching Grant Program created […]

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Too small to survive, not too big to fail

February 19, 2016 Michael R. Dimock

Small farmers have among the toughest financial rows to hoe in the nation. Over the past two years a steady stream of well-written pieces, like the one below from Civil […]

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We’re BACK!

Michael R. Dimock

ROC is gearing up again for another year of action after our late-fall-early-winter respite. AND we are in a significant transition related to both funding and our role as a […]

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The Way Forward is to Build Community

August 28, 2015 Michael R. Dimock

By Michael R. Dimock Water is the primary topic in the food and agriculture world here in the state of California. The news media covers dozens of stories everyday. We […]

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Power Building for the Food Movement: A Mighty River From Many Streams

June 19, 2015 Michael R. Dimock

As ROC has said before, the food movement is composed of many streams of advocacy: worker and food justice, public health, faith-based, sustainable agriculture, climate and environmental protection, local economies, […]

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