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4 Minutes on Healthy Food and Farming: Agriculture as a Solution to Climate Chaos

March 5, 2019 Michael R. Dimock

This is Flipping the Table and I am Michael Reid Dimock with four minutes on Healthy Food and Farming. I live in Sonoma County, 45 miles north of the Golden Gate Bridge. In the last 18 months I have lived through three natural disasters that have intensified my passion for healthy food and farming. In […]

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The Green New Deal: 3 minutes on the Food Movement

February 19, 2019 Michael R. Dimock

On February 7th, members of Congress introduced a bold Resolution outlining a Green New Deal meant to align Americans who feel the need for a transformative political shift. It calls for serious public investments in renewable energy and offers critical goals for food and agriculture, goals long sought by the good food movement. The Green […]

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Monocultures & Antibiotics: 4 Minutes on Healthy Food and Farming

February 12, 2019 Michael R. Dimock

I recently read a story in Civil Eats about the state of Florida’s battle with Citrus Greening disease. It’s a tree killer, spread by a bug called the Asian citrus psyllid. Florida’s battle highlights the wicked problems created by monoculture. Monoculture simply means the mass planting or raising of one genetically identical species, plant or […]

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Fixing the Root System of Civilization: 3 Minutes on the Food Movement

January 30, 2019 Michael R. Dimock

Blog Post: Based on the January 2019 Podcast: Power: it’s a loaded word. It creates fear in some, hunger in others. But what is it and why is it needed by the good food movement? I will be exploring its meaning and importance in very brief podcasts each month this year in the hopes of […]

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A California Farm Bill for Our Future

April 26, 2018 Michael R. Dimock

Assemblymember Anna Caballero (Salinas), Chairs of the Assembly Ag Committee, has introduced AB 2166, entitled the California Farm Bill. A stunning bill, it marks the first introduction of an omnibus bill (one that contains multiple provisions) for agriculture. It promotes agricultural technology to meet 21st century challenges related to labor shortages, workforce development, global warming […]

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Roots of Change president, Michael R. Dimock, shared his concerns about GMOs at the 2018 SXSW event in Austin

March 14, 2018 Michael R. Dimock

Opening Remarks of Michael R. Dimock, President, Roots of Change SXSW Panel GMO 2.0 Beyond Monsanto There has been a powerful rejection of GMOs by millions of people for legitimate reasons, many of which have nothing to do with the safety of the food. I have two basic points. One related to the social context […]

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Thanksgiving: A Wise Response for Troubled Times

November 21, 2017 Michael R. Dimock

Thanksgiving is a profound holiday reflecting an American wisdom that has served us well. We rightly think of it as a day to feel gratitude for our blessings. We celebrate the abundance of nature and our social bonds by sharing a great annual feast. It is a wonderful tradition, my personal favorite. Yet, most of […]

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I have lived through my first natural disaster and I know what will make America great again.

November 1, 2017 Michael R. Dimock

The fires in Northern California have been horrific, but instructive. They made clear the real enemy of our times. We have entered a dramatic period of climate chaos in which large-scale devastation of communities will be frequent. This is a fact to be embraced. It tells us to employ new approaches to building homes, managing […]

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Here’s How You Can Help With The Northern California Disaster

October 13, 2017 Michael R. Dimock

The disaster in Northern California is overwhelming. Dozens have perished, thousands of families are displaced and structures destroyed. Livestock, pets, vines and food and wine production facilities have been lost. In addition to the amazing efforts of the first responders from all across the state, a positive aspect of this event is the outpouring of […]

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Mother Nature Has the Last Word

October 11, 2017 Michael R. Dimock

California is burning. Wild fires are natural and common here. Each fall as the heat and dry grasses create the conditions, fires ignite. But clearly for decades now the fires have grown more frequent, larger and increasingly destructive. Human impacts on the climate and rapidly expanding encroachment into the uplands make the fires worse. Here […]

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