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Assembly Budget Sub-Committee #1 Testimony by Justin Rausa

February 25, 2015 Michael R. Dimock

On February 25, 2015, ROC’s policy director, Justin Rausa, delivered to the California Assembly Health & Human Services Budget Subcommittee, a request for authorization of $5 million annually to fund a statewide nutrition incentive grant program. The program would help farmers markets, farm stands, CSAs and small locally owned retailers provide match funds to SNAP, […]

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Market Match: Making California’s Farmers’ Markets Accessible

December 12, 2014 Roots of Change

Civil Eats: When Allison Miller lost her job as a server at a restaurant that closed last summer, she wasn’t sure how she would make ends meet while living in San Francisco, one of the most expensive cities in the country. Surviving on unemployment benefits, she was able to qualify for CalFresh, funded through the federal […]

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The Real Politics of Food: The Nation Awakens

November 16, 2014 Michael R. Dimock

As we head into the Thanksgiving season, the continuing momentum of the food movement across the nation is clearly visible. And for that I am grateful. I believe that 2014 will be seen as the year that the food movement demonstrated its capacity to become deeply political. The first weeks of November have been telling […]

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Commencement Address by Michael R. Dimock to the Silicon Valley Health Corps at The Forge at the University of Santa Clara

August 23, 2014 Michael R. Dimock

Hello! I want to say to all assembled that I am thrilled to join you in honoring these 21 graduates of the Silicon Valley Health Corps. I have read each of their biographies, reviewed their videos and the metrics of their success and I want to say my outlook on the future is enhanced. I […]

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Renewable energy: One more step toward full farm sustainability

August 12, 2014 Roots of Change

When it comes to sustainable farming, terms like organic, local, non-GMO and no-till are the concepts that come to mind for most people. While a pesticide-free growing environment and proper land-use practices are vital components for an eco-friendly farm, there’s another less obvious sustainability issue that can hide from even the most conscientious farmers – […]

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AB 2385 – Update

May 27, 2014 Michael R. Dimock

We are disappointed to report that the Assembly Appropriations held AB 2385 (Market Match Incentive Program) in committee last Friday, the 23rd, effectively killing the bill for the 2013-14 session. AB 2385 and 1961 (farmland protection) were two of the food system bills stopped by the Committee. This is a step back and confirms the […]

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Bittman piece sparks a clash of opinion and that is a good thing!

May 14, 2014 Michael R. Dimock

Mark Bittman’s May 6, 2014, column, “Leave ‘Organic’ Out of It” has sparked a vigorous debate among food movement members across the nation. ROC has been called out by many faithful allies and supporters, asking us to reconsider our Facebook post that stated, “Sure to spark debate, Mark Bittman takes on the food movement’s mistaken […]

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Meet Justin Rausa, ROC’s new Policy Director

May 7, 2014 Roots of Change

You just returned from the Philippines. What was the inspiration for your trip? My younger brother graduated from nursing school with his BSN from UERM, so it was a big family celebration. It also served as a postponed honeymoon for my wife and me! Who in your family has influenced you most in your work […]

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Testimony on AB 2385, Market Match Nutrition Incentive Program Bill

April 30, 2014 Michael R. Dimock

Thank you Chairwoman Eggman and esteemed members of the Committee. I am Michael Dimock, president of Roots of Change. Roots of Change, a think and do tank committed to the future of California Agriculture and the backbone organization supporting the California Food Policy Council, is enthused to support AB 2385 because this bill confirms our […]

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Help ROC Pass AB 2385, the Market Match Nutition Incentives Program

April 14, 2014 Roots of Change

Watch this page for progress reports and calls to action. With your help we surpassed our goal and generated over 60 letters of support to the California Assembly Committee on Agriculture for AB 2385 by our deadline of April 22, 2014. Thank you!!! The Committee hearing for the bill will be on April 30th in the […]

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