Healthy Food Access

Commencement Address by Michael R. Dimock to the Silicon Valley Health Corps at The Forge at the University of Santa Clara

August 23, 2014 Michael R. Dimock

Hello! I want to say to all assembled that I am thrilled to join you in honoring these 21 graduates of the Silicon Valley Health Corps. I have read each of their biographies, reviewed their videos and the metrics of their success and I want to say my outlook on the future is enhanced. I […]

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ROC president’s statement on the controversy over the Hulu series “Farmed and Dangerous”

February 22, 2014 Michael R. Dimock

The “Farmed and Dangerous” series now airing on Hulu causes discomfort for many actors seeking changes in food and farming, including ROC. We think this discomfort is a good thing. It causes all those who feel it to deepen their own clarity about their goals and roles. Even more importantly, if this series, produced by […]

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Progress, Not Perfection: A Californian View of the Farm Bill

February 12, 2014 Michael R. Dimock

Much has already been said and written about last week’s passage of the Agricultural Act of 2014, otherwise known as the Farm Bill. Observers have offered a mix of lamentation and celebration, with weight on the former. Unexpectedly, I am more pleased than put off by the results because I see what may prove to […]

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Report on the CAFPC to the California State Board of Food and Agriculture by Michael R. Dimock, February 4, 2014

February 5, 2014 Michael R. Dimock

Good morning President McNamara and members of the Board. I appreciate the invitation to come share with you an update on the work of Roots of Change, which is now focused on development of theCalifornia Food Policy Council. The Report before you is the first product of that body and is an important indication of […]

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On the Front Burner: CA Food & Farming Legislation

January 22, 2014 Michael R. Dimock

On January 8, 2014, the growing food movement achieved an important milestone. The California Food Policy Council (CAFPC) released its first report to evaluate California’s legislative record related to food and farms. It is the first state-policy-focused analysis of legislative votesin the nation. This action in California is sure to be followed by similar action […]

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ROC President Calls For A Farm Bill That Clearly Meets Public Needs, National Press Club, Washington DC

November 6, 2013 Michael R. Dimock

The Farm Foundation, a nonpartisan advocate for sound agriculture policy, hosted a Farm Bill Forum at the National Press Club in Washington DC. Former Texas Congressman Charlie Stenholm moderated the panel that included Michael R. Dimock, Joe Outlaw of Texas A&M, Jon Scholl formerly of American Farmland Trust, Helen Jensen of Iowa State and Kip Tom […]

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A Game-Changer for the Farm Bill and SNAP

July 12, 2013 Michael R. Dimock

ROC President Michael R. Dimock has taken an unusual position on the House Farm Bill passed yesterday. He does it for a reason. Many of ROC’s allies working on the CA Food Policy Council and in NGO community are lamenting the House Bill. Dimock’s points out that there is a huge shift afoot and it […]

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Assemblymen Roger Dickinson presents resolution to the Sacramento Food System Collaborative

February 20, 2013 Roots of Change

February 15, 2013 — The Sacramento Region Food System Collaborative (FSC) held a regional Food Summit, State of the Regional Food System: Local Innovations. The SFSC sought to: Bring together community stakeholders on a shared vision for agriculture and food. Share a pathway for a sustainable food system through the Sacramento Region Food System Charter. […]

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Support Local Food Today

April 4, 2012 Roots of Change

The Local Farms, Food and Jobs Act is gaining momentum in Congress. This act is being led by the National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition, an ally of Roots of Change (ROC) that is focused on federal policy reform to advance the sustainability of agriculture and food systems. This bill creates jobs and spurs economic growth through […]

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It’s Not That It’s Broken

February 17, 2012 Roots of Change

I often hear that our food system is broken. I disagree. It is working the way it was intended, only better. In fact, it is working so well that it has itself become the problem. Our system of subsidies and incentives in food production evolved over decades, but it did so with a very clear […]

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