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A Call to Action: Here is How to Create A Better Post COVID-19 World

April 17, 2020 Roots of Change

We have entered the age of cascading natural disasters. These disruptions are defining our future. Scientists tell us more killer pandemics lay ahead. As do more mega droughts and extreme weather events that will cause massive floods, polar vortexes, unprecedented winds with immense fires and interminable power shutdowns. Most of the nation’s political leaders remain too enthralled […]

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Roots of Change president, Michael R. Dimock, shared his concerns about GMOs at the 2018 SXSW event in Austin

March 14, 2018 Michael R. Dimock

Opening Remarks of Michael R. Dimock, President, Roots of Change SXSW Panel GMO 2.0 Beyond Monsanto There has been a powerful rejection of GMOs by millions of people for legitimate reasons, many of which have nothing to do with the safety of the food. I have two basic points. One related to the social context […]

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Commencement Address by Michael R. Dimock to the Silicon Valley Health Corps at The Forge at the University of Santa Clara

August 23, 2014 Michael R. Dimock

Hello! I want to say to all assembled that I am thrilled to join you in honoring these 21 graduates of the Silicon Valley Health Corps. I have read each of their biographies, reviewed their videos and the metrics of their success and I want to say my outlook on the future is enhanced. I […]

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Renewable energy: One more step toward full farm sustainability

August 12, 2014 Roots of Change

When it comes to sustainable farming, terms like organic, local, non-GMO and no-till are the concepts that come to mind for most people. While a pesticide-free growing environment and proper land-use practices are vital components for an eco-friendly farm, there’s another less obvious sustainability issue that can hide from even the most conscientious farmers – […]

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Bittman piece sparks a clash of opinion and that is a good thing!

May 14, 2014 Michael R. Dimock

Mark Bittman’s May 6, 2014, column, “Leave ‘Organic’ Out of It” has sparked a vigorous debate among food movement members across the nation. ROC has been called out by many faithful allies and supporters, asking us to reconsider our Facebook post that stated, “Sure to spark debate, Mark Bittman takes on the food movement’s mistaken […]

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Perspectives on 21st Century Agriculture by a Member of the Sustainable Food Movement

March 7, 2014 Michael R. Dimock

Good morning! It is joy to be with you this morning to engage in the most critical issue of our times and the topic of this conference: “Sustainability, the Way Forward.” I am hear to share my perspectives on sustainable food and agriculture. The whole concept of sustainable agriculture and food systems is fluid and […]

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ROC president’s statement on the controversy over the Hulu series “Farmed and Dangerous”

February 22, 2014 Michael R. Dimock

The “Farmed and Dangerous” series now airing on Hulu causes discomfort for many actors seeking changes in food and farming, including ROC. We think this discomfort is a good thing. It causes all those who feel it to deepen their own clarity about their goals and roles. Even more importantly, if this series, produced by […]

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Progress, Not Perfection: A Californian View of the Farm Bill

February 12, 2014 Michael R. Dimock

Much has already been said and written about last week’s passage of the Agricultural Act of 2014, otherwise known as the Farm Bill. Observers have offered a mix of lamentation and celebration, with weight on the former. Unexpectedly, I am more pleased than put off by the results because I see what may prove to […]

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Report on the CAFPC to the California State Board of Food and Agriculture by Michael R. Dimock, February 4, 2014

February 5, 2014 Michael R. Dimock

Good morning President McNamara and members of the Board. I appreciate the invitation to come share with you an update on the work of Roots of Change, which is now focused on development of theCalifornia Food Policy Council. The Report before you is the first product of that body and is an important indication of […]

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ROC President Calls For A Farm Bill That Clearly Meets Public Needs, National Press Club, Washington DC

November 6, 2013 Michael R. Dimock

The Farm Foundation, a nonpartisan advocate for sound agriculture policy, hosted a Farm Bill Forum at the National Press Club in Washington DC. Former Texas Congressman Charlie Stenholm moderated the panel that included Michael R. Dimock, Joe Outlaw of Texas A&M, Jon Scholl formerly of American Farmland Trust, Helen Jensen of Iowa State and Kip Tom […]

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