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Historic Illinois Legislation

June 7, 2008 Michael R. Dimock

On June 7th, the Illinois Legislature passed a history-making bill, HB 1300, entitled the Food, Farms and Jobs Act, which creates the Illinois Local and Organic Food and Farm Task Force and empowers that body to deliver by the fall of 2008 the Illinois Local and Organic Food and Farm Plan. The great language of […]

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Sustainability: Agriculture’s Pathway to Reclaiming Center Stage

May 22, 2008 Michael R. Dimock

Here is the speech I gave for the Sustainable Agriculture Resource Consortium (SARC, www.sarc.calpoly.edu) at the Cal Poly San Luis Obispo College of Agriculture last week, May 16th. Sustainability: Agriculture's pathway to reclaiming center stage in the American social and political landscape Thank you for inviting me to share some thoughts with you about a […]

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Notes on the Network

May 15, 2008 Michael R. Dimock

As you may have noticed, ROC is always talking about “the network” or the “Leadership Network.”  That’s because it’s a central part of our theory and strategy about how to make change. The upcoming listening sessions that the State Board of Food and Agriculture is holding in May and July to set 30 goals for […]

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Network Blog

January 1, 2008 Michael R. Dimock

A sustainable food system is the basis for a sustainable civilization. It is fundamental and requires a public focus way beyond that which it currently holds. To create such a system in this state by 2030 will require unprecedented collaboration and unprecedented investment. Exactly how to make that happen no one I know can yet […]

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