Vote with Your Fork for a Better Food System this Fourth of July!

Vote with Your Fork for a Better Food System this Fourth of July!

June 28, 2012 Roots of Change


It’s Independence Day once again, the great American holiday that commemorates the formation of our democracy and the Declaration of Independence. For this Fourth of July, we should celebrate that the Farm Bill is now a very hot policy topic in Washington.

The US Senate recently passed its version of the Farm Bill called the Agricultural Reform, Food and Jobs Act. In the true spirit of democracy, we, the people, weighed in with our Senators to influence this important legislation. Three hundred amendments were offered and many were real efforts at serious reform.

At Roots of Change, we are thankful for people like you that took action to call your Senators and for the countless organizations that advocated for a fairer, healthier and more sustainable Farm Bill. The debate over the Farm Bill now moves to the House of Representatives and ROC will be calling on you to take action as that version develops.

As you plan your celebration menus, know that your shopping decisions are as important as your calls to Congress. Your food choices can support a diverse and more resilient form of agriculture while ensuring more money goes into farmers’ pockets. We encourage you to buy locally grown foods from farmers markets, community supported agriculture and businesses that buy from regional producers. Your local farmers are more likely to practice holistic management of the land and produce less greenhouse gas emissions. As Michael Pollan says, our purchases create the landscapes.

Check out some tips below of how you can celebrate sustainably and contribute to a better food system. 

Support the local food movement. Check out these helpful local food guides:

Do your part to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Choose sustainably raised, grass-fed beef, free-range chicken and sustainable fish. Check out these helpful options below:

If the suggestions above are not easily available please check out a natural food store in your region.

Roots of Change wishes you a wonderful Fourth of July!