Please Think of Us in This Season of Giving

Please Think of Us in This Season of Giving

November 16, 2022 Roots of Change

­­­­­I recently reviewed my Facebook posts from the beginning of the Trump era in late 2016. I was struck by two things. First, the movement to create a just, healthy and resilient food system had momentum. We had begun to win important investments from government because advocates were working together as never before to educate and hold policy makers accountable. Second, the warnings about Trump’s threat to democracy were very clear and have proven to be accurate. Despite the challenges he brought, now coming to an end, the movement to fix the food system rapidly progressed. Governor Newsom, President Biden, local, state and federal legislators and administrators have heard our collective call. They are investing billions in programs that increase food justice and regional food supplies and improve ecological resilience and health. ROC is a central actor in creating that change. Your support is critical to our success. With gratitude for what you have done for us, I once again ask you to make a year-end contribution to our work.

I do this because as you will see from our history, ROC is a catalyst, a committed ally, and innovator, always extending our reach and impact. We have been instrumental in improving healthy food access for oppressed communities, small farm income, climate resilience, food and farmworker advancement and protection, regional food system thinking and actions. We have done this by hosting conversations, facilitating dialogues and launching large-scale projects that transform systems while simultaneously proposing ideas, strategizing and campaigning with our many network allies to build movement power and create good policies.

We are motivated by a vision to ensure California’s agriculture and food system thrives despite our challenging times. This means inspiring the people from field to table that make up that complex economy. California is one of the few places on the planet capable of producing immense quantities of healthy food. This will not continue unless we regenerate the soils and the supply of clean water beneath the ground, ensure the health and wellbeing of those who harvest our food. This will not continue unless farmers, ranchers, processors, food service providers, purveyors and restaurateurs receive smart incentives and paths to profit as they work on the frontline of the system. This will not continue unless we provide nutrition to heal people and lower healthcare costs that threaten to bankrupt the nation. This will not continue unless we rebuild trusting relations between urban and rural regions.

ROC sees what is needed and we know how to get there. Consequently, we are increasing our reach to have much more influence in Washington DC and to share what we’ve learned with international partners seeking to sustain or build healthy resilient regional food systems threatened by extractive forms of globalization and industrialization. As our history proves, with your support we can do much more to help our movement give the planet a just, healthy and resilient food system.

Thank you for thinking of ROC in this season of giving!

Michael Dimock
Executive Director

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