Farmers Adapt to Climate Change

Farmers Adapt to Climate Change

September 28, 2011 Roots of Change

The last eight months of this year have been harsh to say the least for farmers. Some parts of the country have experienced flooding, extreme drought and frost that caused irreversible damages to livestock and crops. Not only is farming arduous, risky and costly, but in addition, many producers must find ways to adapt to climate change. Not adapting could result in food shortages and increases in food prices. In this week’s Healthy Food and Planet series, we’ll dig deeper into how farmers are adapting to climate change and learn about what new practices they are implementing to lessen its impact.

In The World's Breadbasket, Climate Change Feeds Some Worry
Find out how farmers who once were skeptical of climate change are now figuring out ways to cope with it and implement new farming practices that are better for the environment.

http://www.strikingidea.com/clients/ck/roots/thumb_hands.jpgFarm Groups Step Up Interest in Insurance Due to Extreme Weather, but Don't Talk Climate
As today's weather continues to be volatile and unpredictable, farmers are working hard to ensure a strong safety net through crop insurance. Learn more about the increased risk farmers face, climate adaption and the role policy can play to help farmers.  

We encourage you to learn more on how farmers are adapting to climate change, the challenges they face and what lies ahead. For additional information and resources please click here.

Together we can promote a healthy and resilient agriculture system.