Can Agroecology Feed the World?

Can Agroecology Feed the World?

March 20, 2011 Roots of Change

Many people today believe that the answer to feed our growing population lies in Agroecology, a framework and set of principles for designing and managing farms, ranches, and direct relationships between producers and consumers. A recent report by the United Nations, Agroecology and the Right to food,  illustrates that agroecological practices are in fact better for the environment and capable of greatly increasing food production. There are a number of benefits for farmers who practice Agroecology. It is more profitable and farmers are less reliant on chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

Food is a part of our way of life and we invite you to learn more about the Agroecology.  Roots of Change is a proud sponsor of the 12th Annual International Agroecology Shortcourse from July 10-22, 2011 hosted by leading professor of Agroecology, Steve Gliessman in Santa Cruz, California.  Find out how you can transform our food system into a vibrant and diverse model that is healthy, fresh, affordable and fair for everyone.  If you are farmer, student or reasearcher please apply as soon as possible since space is limited.

Learn more about the pressing issues in agriculture, new alternative solutions, and what you can do as an individual to connect with other like-minded individuals as yourself by visiting Issues: Environment & Climate.

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