Our Mission:

We work with farmers, ranchers, processors, universities, nonprofits & government to ensure that every aspect of our food supply—from field to table—is climate smart, healthy & accessible for all eaters, safe & fair to workers & profitable for companies.

ROC Strategy For Food Policy Change

Read a clear breakdown of ROC’s strategy for transforming food policy across the nation.

ROC is Celebrating its 20th Anniversary!

A Look Back Over the Years - A Short Visual Journey of ROC's History

Flipping The Table Podcast

A Podcast about the Future of Food and Farming

Collaborative Projects

ROC works together with California industries and communities to ensure that every aspect of our food—from when it’s grown to when it’s eaten—can be healthy, safe, profitable and fair for all Californians.

Policy Issues

Roots of Change supports legislative and regulatory efforts that help reawaken a healthy, equitable, and resilient food system fit for the 21st century.
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Roots of Change is a think and do tank, which means we take thoughtful and strategic action to change the food system.

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Your Support Helps Make Change Possible

Roots of Change is working to ensure that every aspect of our food-from the time it's grown to the time it's eaten-can be healthy, safe, profitable and fair. Your donation today helps us fund concrete solutions for the future. Even $5 makes a difference!

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  • Why I am Optimistic About Our Future

    As I look back over the last 30 years of the good food movement I am convinced that I have seen more advances or victories since 2019 than in all the years preceding it. This is why I remain an optimist about our future. The transformation is Read More