Interview with Michael R. Dimock by Capital Public Radio

Interview with Michael R. Dimock by Capital Public Radio

February 1, 2018 Roots of Change

Farmers Can Put Themselves On The Map If They Complete The U.S. Agriculture Census By February 5

The USDA Census of Agriculture is a giant data-gathering effort that happens once every five years. It collects information about who’s growing what, how much and where. The census also tracks the age and gender of farmers, and whether they are veterans. (Farmers, ranchers and livestock managers can submit the questionnaire by mail or online.)

Michael Dimock is president of Roots of Change, a group that’s backed efforts to boost access to local produce for low-income Californians. In Dimock’s view, it’s critical for smaller farmers, like those who sell at farmers markets, to be counted by the census.

“The agriculture census is critically important because it helps the USDA and Congress determine how resources given to the agency are utilized and distributed,” he says.

Dimock says the census data will have a ripple effect on what programs the USDA will fund, what loans it will give and what research it will support.

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