Network Campaign for AB 2385 Market Match Incentive Program

Making Fresh Affordable through a new win-win program that unites small farms and low income people. See report on Market Match pilot and information about AB 2385.

The California Food Policy Council

Working toward better food and farm policies. 

A Tribute to Community Members Doing Extraordinary Work

Everyday Heroes: 50 Americans Changing the World One Nonprofit at a Time.

ROC Releases Report on California Food and Farming Legislation

CAFPC and ROC push elected officials for food systems reform

Our Network Includes:

The public sector is comprised of government legislative bodies and agencies. They set the rules of the game used by the farmers, ranchers, and business leaders who feed the state, the nation, and the world.


We helped organize Urban Rural Roundtables in SF and LA and work with officials in seven other counties.

We work closely with the two most powerful state level food and agriculture organizations.

We are collaborating with three agencies of the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

We help them focus on agroecological, social justice and community health research and education.

The movement for healthy food and agriculture began and has grown largely as a result of non-profit organizations.


These groups work to ensure that 100% of Californians can eat safe, healthy, fresh, and affordable food.

These organizations support restorative farms, ranches, and food businesses.

These nonprofits play a vital role in the current farm workers equity movement

These  organizations work to ensure that farmers have in place the key conditions they need to survive and prosper.

Roots of Change unifies the collective effort of multiple donors wishing to impact the movement for healthy food and agriculture by leveraging their resources and contributing to a learning community of funders.

Since its inception, ROC has been instrumental in investing or attracting more than $14 million dollars into the vital work of transforming our food and farms.  Learn more about our approach to funding.


Roots of Change believes that abundant, safe, healthy, fresh, and affordable food is a foundation for a positive future for all Californians. In a market-based economy, powerful solutions must come from entrepreneurs who apply sustainable principles and practices in their businesses


These entrepreneurs bring quality produce to schools, donate organic produce to underserved communities, and combat food deserts. They are the private sector’s leading edge in creating healthy food access.

These entrepreneurs recognize that the ways we grow, harvest, transport, sell and enjoy our food matter. They are finding ways to run prosperous businesses and reducing their environmental impact at the same time.

The entrepreneurs below serve as examples of how businesses can positively affect labor standards in their field. They lead within large organizations to ensure respect, safety, and fair compensation for workers.

Entrepreneurs with a future-focused vision create new markets, provide investment, and set up food distribution chains to ensure a profitable future for producers and purveyors of healthy, safe, and fair food.

We work with California’s farmers and ranchers to ensure that every aspect of our food—from the time it’s grown to the time it’s eaten—is healthy, safe, profitable, and fair for those who grow it and for the state where it’s grown.


Farmers are bringing fresh foods to schools and food banks, and encouraging gleaning of their leftover crops.

These farmers and ranchers are working to ensure that food production will help restore our natural resources.

Many farmers help ensure that farm workers are respected and have pathways to advanced careers.

These farmers show how to create new markets and thrive economically.

The sustainable food movement was sparked by individuals with serious and rational concerns about our food and farms. It is through the voice and actions of concerned constituents that policy makers become motivated to implement change.  Learn more about the wide variety of roles you can play in the work for future-focused food and farming, whether you are voting with your fork, commenting on our web posts, hosting a dinner to inform friends and neighbors, or collecting endorsements for proposed new policies.


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About ROC

Roots of Change brings a diverse range of Californians to the table to build a common interest in food and farming so that every aspect of our food—from the time it’s grown to the time it’s eaten— can be healthy, safe, profitable, affordable and fair.


Everyone can play a role in the effort to move to a healthier farming and food system.


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Aug 23, 2014

The Health Trust invited ROC's president to address the 2014 Silicon Valley Health Corps Commencement Ceremony.


Oct 9, 2014

During an interview with Kim Kessler, former feader of the NYC mayor’s Office...