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The California Food Policy Council is a collaborative of local food policy groups working to ensure that California’s food system reflects the needs of all of its communities.

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Roots of Change supports legislative and regulatory efforts that help reawaken a healthy, equitable, and resilient food system fit for the 21st century.

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The Latest from Roots of Change

    • Another great list of books for your Holiday season gifts and reading. This one from Civil Eats -- our go to source for the pulse of the national food movement. It is interesting to see the crossover between this list and Corby Kummer's of the The Atlantic (below). Not too much actually, which tells us just how rich the food space is right now. Many good writers are tackling one of the greatest challenges of our day and releasing some great reads.


      10 Book Recommendations for Conscientious Eaters
      It’s Sustainable Santa, writing. Wee Barry Estabrook is preoccupied with putting together a new book proposal, so Santa thought it was a good idea to help him out (and lighten Santa’s sleigh) by stepping into this space to dash off a few words about Santa’s favorite books of food journalism for 2014…
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  • The Real Politics of Food: The Nation Awakens

    As we head into the Thanksgiving season, the continuing momentum of the food movement across the nation is clearly visible. And for that I am grateful. I believe that 2014 will be seen as the year that the food movement demonstrated its capacity to Read More