New CA Coalition Forms to Reduce Soda Use – Targeting End of Session

New CA Coalition Forms to Reduce Soda Use – Targeting End of Session

July 17, 2019 Roots of Change

New CA Coalition Forms to Reduce Soda Use–Targeting End of Session

Asm. Richard Bloom, public health and health equity advocates and medical professionals, and children and youth negatively targeted by the marketing of the soda industry announced a new coalition that will focus on impacting California end-of-session soda tax decisions.

Discussing the pressing need for the new coalition, David Lee, a cardiologist at Stanford and immediate past president of the American Heart Association Western States region, said, “Our new coalition is laser focused on making sure whatever policies emerge from the legislature or on the ballot significantly reduce sugary drink consumption and health disparities.”

The coalition announced the following five goals for the campaign:

  • $0.02 per ounce statewide excise tax on sugar sweetened beverages in California
  • 50% of tax revenue generated by the soda tax is dedicated to ensuring a healthier future for our kids and families and more equitable health outcomes with a focus on communities of color and lower-income neighborhoods.
  • Local decision-making on the use of local funds from the soda tax
  • Restore local control for soda taxes
  • Truth in advertising

Asm. Richard Bloom, one of the public health champions at the State Capitol, stated, “We have large majorities in both state legislative houses and a progressive governor. If we mean what we say about public health, there’s no way we don’t win this fight. It’s just a matter of making sure everyone knows the truth about Big Soda.”

Morgan Carvajal, Legislative Advocate for the California Medical Association, spoke about the link between sugary drinks and various diseases by saying, “People who consume a greater percentage of their calories from sugary drinks are at a significantly higher risk of suffering from obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. We need to address the root causes of these diseases, specifically the overconsumption of sugary drinks.”

Discussing the need for an excess tax on sugary drinks, Genoveva Islas, Executive Director of Cultiva La Salud said, “We need to ensure that any state legislative bills or ballot initiatives moving forward lead to declines in sugary drink consumption and any new revenues raised are invested in creating a healthier future for our children and promoting more equitable health outcomes.”

Coalition Members: American Heart Assoc; CA Medical Assoc; CA Dental Assoc;

American Diabetes Assoc; Asian Pacific Partners for Empowerment, Advocacy and Leadership; CA Black Health Network; CA Health+ Advocates; CA School-Based Health Alliance; Latino Coalition for a Healthy CA; Public Health Advocates; Public Health Institute; Roots of Change; and Social Justice Learning Institute.

For more info. about the campaign, contact campaign consultant Jon Youngdahl at (916) 806-1691.

Californians for Less Soda
Fighting for Healthier Kids and Communities

Press Call Speaker List:

  1. Eric Batch, Vice President of Advocacy for the American Heart Association and MC for Press Call
  2. Richard Bloom, California Assemblymember from the 50th Assembly District
  3. Morgan Carvajal, Legislative Advocate for the California Medical Association
  4. Francisco Prieto, Family Physician in Sacramento and Vice Chair of the National Advocacy Committee of the American Diabetes Association.
  5. John Blake, Dentist and Executive Director of Children’s Dental Health Clinic in Long Beach
  6. Rhemy Guerra, Student at California State University Northridge
  7. Genoveva Islas, Executive Director of Cultiva La Salud


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