Reports & White Papers

ROC's reports, white papers, policy briefs, and fact sheets highlight the pathways toward creating a healthier, equitable and more resilient food system.

Roots of Change understands that advocacy requires insightful and accurate data to support its policy recommendations for food and farming reform. In addition to undertaking original research, we collaborate with academia and other think tanks to fill in information gaps that create barriers for the good food movement. Our reports, white papers, policy briefs, and fact sheets highlight the pathways for policy makers and the public who are interested in creating a healthier, equitable and more resilient food system.

2018 Food and Farm Scorecard

The 2018 legislative scorecard is the sixth iteration of the project, a collaborative effort amongst 38 organizations. The report is meant to bring greater visibility to food and farming issues, and represents the diversity of the challenges the state faces — from hunger and nutrition to farmer livelihood and food chain worker protections. The 2018 Food & Farm Scorecard analyzed 21 bills, tracked 17 of them and 70% of the bills were either killed or adopted in accordance with the coalition’s position. Note: Roots of Change contribute to this report but as of 2018 it is managed by CFFN.

2017 Food and Agriculture Legislation Tracker

This is the fifth annual Tracker that analyzes the performance of state legislators and the governor related to the policy priorities of the food movement. This document reflects the consensus opinion of the thirty nine nonprofits and county-based advocacy groups focused on transforming the food and agriculture that endorsed the document.

2016 California Food and Agriculture Legislator Scorecard

This scorecard is the first of what we intend to be an annual publication. We believe Californians must know how their elected representatives respond to bills meant to enhance California’s food and agriculture, critical determinants of public health, economic opportunity and resource protection.

Market Match Report

ROOTS OF CHANGE (ROC) conceived the California Market Match Consortium (CMMC) to exemplify a central tenet of its theory of change: Actions to improve the food system should seek to solve multiple problems to create transformative synergy.

Declaration for Healthy Food and Agriculture

We, the undersigned, believe that a healthy food system is necessary to meet the urgent challenges of our time. Behind us stands a half-century of industrial food production, underwritten by cheap fossil fuels, abundant land and water resources, and a drive to maximize the global harvest of cheap calories. Ahead lie rising energy and food costs, a changing climate, declining water supplies, a growing population, and the paradox of widespread hunger and obesity.

The Vivid Picture Project

The Vivid Picture project team has been actively working since March of 2004. We began by interviewing you, the Roots of Change Council, and dozens of other food and agriculture leaders. We heard that it was time for the sustainability community to pull together a cohesive vision for a sustainable food system.