Can Public Health United the Good Food Movement?

“The appropriate measure of farming then is the world’s health and our health, and this is inescapably one measure.” — Wendell Berry
In July, I argued that the House’s decision to split out the gargantuan Nutrition Title from the Farm Bill might signal a new era for those of us seeking fundamental reform of agriculture and food systems. This is the second in a three-part series where I lay the groundwork for why unification is crucial for the food movement and how public health can tip the balance of power to ensure the good food movement will prevail in the struggle over the future of our food system.

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Making $7.75 an Hour, and Figuring There’s Little to Lose by Speaking Out

The economic comebacks of New York, of New Jersey and of so many states ride piggyback on the growth of low-wage jobs, on the hiring of those who dip French fries in boiling oil and pull flesh off the bones of factory chickens.

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Voting One Way, Eating Another

Research has shown that a majority of people, when asked, would like to improve the lives of farm animals. Yet only a fraction of the country will pay for products from those animals, when presented with cheaper options.

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Food, Farms, and Fracking in California: A Panel Discussion

In California, fracking has been taking place for decades with little public awareness. California has the largest oil shale reserves in the country, and in the Monterey Shale alone, there are some 15 billion barrels of recoverable oil, noted Siegel. 

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Small Farmers Tap Creative Projects To Survive

Small-scale growers throughout the U.S. are looking for creative ways to set themselves apart as they find that survival requires more than just selling crops. Experts say these practices are shifting notions of how small farms operate. Since the little guys can't beat corporate giants on price or production, they're cashing in on something the big shots can't provide: an intimate, personal experience.

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A River Runs Through It

 Everyone agrees that the only way to fix the Gulf of Mexico dead zone—the largest off the United States—is to fix the Mississippi, but not everyone agrees how. 

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Sonoma County Farm Uses Social Media to Cut Food Waste and Increase Profits

 One family farm in Sonoma County is using social media to try to [increase profits] that and reduce food waste at the same time.

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Tasty, and Subversive, Too

 Now a cheeky trio of artists have turned fruit trees into cultural symbols as well. The group, known as Fallen Fruit, recently planted what is being billed as the state’s first public fruit park in an unincorporated community with neatly clipped lawns outside Los Angeles.

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Why An Immigration Deal WonÕt Solve The Farmworker Shortage

The Salinas Valley in Northern California grows about 80 percent of the country’s lettuce, and it takes a lot of people to pick and pack it.

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The Diet-Climate Connection: How the Foods We Eat Affect the Planet

A new public radio project, called “The Diet-Climate Connection” examines how the environment is affected by the foods we eat and the food system that produces them, in some cases emitting substantial greenhouse gases.

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