Raise your voice for food justice, healthy retail, small farmers and farmers market nutrition incentive programs.

It is that time of year when our voices need to be heard in the California Assembly! ROC is co-sponsoring AB 2335 with the Latino Coalition for Healthy California, the American Heart Association and Public Health Institute. This bill will do two important things. First, it will implement a pilot program to help small retail and corner stores to more easily become involved in the CA Nutrition Incentive Matching grant program by providing grants in order to purchase energy efficient refrigerated produce display boxes and receive technical assistance. Second, in a two step process, we are amending the existing nutrition incentive bill to do two things. The first step, currently in AB 2335, is requiring CDFA to make advances of grant monies awarded to small NGOs so they can more easily cash flow their nutrition incentive programs. The second step will be an amendment to AB 2335 in the Appropriations Committee that will ensure that the CA Nutrition Incentive Matching Grant program always provides farmers markets a generous portion of the total funds available.

Please note, there is also a separate budget request of $15 million related to this bill. $10 million is for nutrition incentives, double our previous request. $5 million is for the corner store pilot program. We’ll need support for that in the a couple of months.

Please provide a letter of support as soon as possible to victor.francovich@asm.ca.gov in Assemblymember Anna Caballero’s office. Below please find links to fact sheet and a sample letter for you use. Please let us know if you have questions!

Please keep your letter writing hand ready as we will need you again in future committees as the bill moves through the legislature. If you are willing to show up in Sacramento to voice support at the committee let us know. The bill will be heard in Assembly Ag on March 21st. I will also be requesting support for a small poultry producer bill in the days ahead. Watch for that incoming request!

Thank you for raising your voice for food justice, healthy retail, small farmers and farmers market nutrition incentive programs.

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The campaign below has been postponed until a new bill is introduced.

Please Join Us to Make California Healthy

Tell your state legislators to make California healthy again! ROC and its many allies seek to create the Healthy California Fund with revenue from a health impact fee on sugar sweetened beverages. It is easy! Simply enter your information in the form below to call your Assembly and Senate representatives and tell them why we need the Healthy California Fund and what they can do to make it happen; don’t worry, we’ve created a call sheet to guide you on your call! After you’ve called your representatives, send them an email with the button below and share this action on social media to help spread the word. Thank you for your support!

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