Financial Supporters

2016 Barnraiser Backers as of November 18, 2016

We love you! You give the food movement power and authority.
THANK YOU from the ROC Community!

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  1. Airey Baringer, Barnraiser Community
  2. Alessandra Ghini, Go Strategy Partners
  3. Alexa Delwiche, Center for Good Food Purchasing
  4. Allen Katz, New York Distilling Company & Founder Slow Food NYC
  5. Allen Moy, Pacific Coast Farmers Market Association
  6. Amelia Moore, Union of Concerned Scientists
  7. Amy Beare, Changemaker
  8. Ana Horta, Changemaker
  9. Anaite Letona, Changemaker
  10. Andrea Thompson, Changemaker
  11. Andrew Chao, Changemaker
  12. Andrew Kanter, MD, Columbia University, Mailman School of Public Health & Earth Institute
  13. Ann Anderson, Changemaker
  14. Anne Haddix, PHI
  15. Anonymous
  16. Anonymous
  17. Anya Fernald, Belcampo Meat Company
  18. Arno Hesse, Slow Money Northern California
  19. Aubrey Thompson, UC Davis, Ag Sustainability Institute
  20. Barbara Bowman, Slow Food Sonoma Country North
  21. Ben Feldman, Ecology Center, Berkeley Food Policy Council CA Alliance of Farmers Markets
  22. Bertha Letona, Changemaker
  23. Beth Wyatt, Sonoma Wealth Management GroupSlow Food Russian River LandPaths
  24. Betsy Cotton, Changemaker
  25. Bob Burke, Changemaker
  26. Brad Whitworth, Russian River Slow Food
  27. Brenda Ruiz, Sacramento Food Policy Council & Slow Food Sacramento
  28. Brittany Rymer, Changemaker
  29. Caitlyn Galloway, Little City Gardens
  30. Carol and Don Kenyon, Changemakers
  31. Catherine Nunes, Edible Silicon Valley
  32. Charity Kenyon, Slow Food Sacramento & Slow Food USA Policy Committee
  33. Charles and Marcia Lavine, Slow Food Russian River
  34. Chelsea Strandberg, Public Health Institute
  35. Chris Robb, Parade Farming Co
  36. Chris Sayer, Changemaker
  37. Christopher Gardnar, Changemaker
  38. Craig Anderson, Land Paths
  39. Craig McNamara, Sierra Orchards, Founder of Center for Land-Based Learning & President, CA State Board of Food & Agriculture
  40. CropMobster, Ignite food system crowdsourcing
  41. D’Artagnan Scorza, Social Justice Learning Institute
  42. Daniela Aceves, PG & E & formerly Roots of Change
  43. Daralyn Durie and Ragesh Tangri, Durie Tangri LLP
  44. Dawn Perri, Changemaker
  45. Dawnie Andrak, Changemaker
  46. Deanne Green, Changemaker
  47. Debbie Mytels, Acterra
  48. Deborah Koons Garcia, Filmmaker, Symphony of Soil
  49. Deborah Madison, Culinary Author
  50. Destin Layne Block, Changemaker
  51. Diana Donlon, Center for Food Safety
  52. Dominick Fiume, Slow Food Urban San Diego & Slow Food California
  53. Donna McLoughlin, Changemaker & Co-founder Slow Food San Diego
  54. Doris Meier, Changemaker
  55. Dulanie Ellis, Film Maker, Ground Operations
  56. Edie Jessup, Food For People
  57. Eileen Gordon, Founder Barnraiser
  58. Elaine Marie, Changemaker
  59. Elana Atman, Changemaker
  60. Eli Zigas, SPUR
  61. Elise Bauer, Simply Recipes
  62. Ericka Letona, Changemaker
  63. Esperanza Pallana, Northern California Community Loan Fund & Co-founder CA Food Policy Council
  64. Evan Wiig, The Farmers Guild
  65. Fred Gellert Family Foundation
  66. Guy Brenner, Changemaker
  67. Harry Keally, Changemaker
  68. Harry Rodda, Changemaker
  69. Holly Calhoun, PHI
  70. Hunter Francis, Center for Sustainability, CalPoly San Luis Obispo
  71. Jackie Rivera-Krouse, California Alliance of Farmers’ Markets
  72. Jacob Sacks, Changemaker
  73. Jacqueline Clemens, Winters Farm to School
  74. Jan Owen, CA Department of Business Oversight
  75. Jeanne Merrill, California Climate and Agriculture Network
  76. Jen Dalton, Mendocino Food Policy Council
  77. Jenn Gross, Co-Founder CA Food Policy Council
  78. Jessica Hirsch, Cheat Day Eats
  79. Jileen Russell, Puu O Kumau Ranch & Slow Food Hawaii
  80. Jim Reichardt, Sonoma County Poultry Liberty Ducks
  81. Joann Lo, Food Chain Workers Alliance
  82. Joany Titherington, Oak Park Farmers Market
  83. Joel and Carleen Weirauch, Weirauch Farm & Creamery
  84. John Kidd, Changemaker
  85. John Mackie and Kate Ecker, Changemakers
  86. Juan Barajas, Savory Cafe
  87. Judy Schriebman, Changemaker
  88. Julie Cummins, CUESA
  89. Julie Golden, Golden Vineyards, Sip Mendocino and Coro Mendocino
  90. Julie Kahn, Artist
  91. Kari Hamerschlag, Friends of the Earth & Co-founder of the CA Food Policy Council
  92. Kamaljeet Singh-Khaira, PHI
  93. Kate Moore, Changemaker
  94. Katherine Miller, Chef Action Network
  95. Kathleen Mossburg, MVM Strategy Group
  96. Kim and Jack Johnson, Johnson Ohana Charitable Foundation
  97. Kristi Jamason, Plumas Sierra Community Food Council
  98. Laura and Larry Martin, Food & Wine Trails
  99. Laura Mack, Neighborhood Council Sustainability Alliance
  100. Lauren Lewis, San Francisco Urban Ag Alliance
  101. Laurie Carlson, Changemaker
  102. Lawrence Jaffe, Sebastopol Grange
  103. Lena Brook, Natural Resource Defense Council
  104. Lilia Smelkova, Food Day
  105. Liz and Sarah Downey, Two Tumbleweeds, uniquely crafted goods that inspire creativity
  106. Louis Brouillet, Slow Money Northern California
  107. Lucy Hicks, Summer Meal Coalition & San Francisco Unified School District
  108. Maddie Edwards, Changemaker
  109. Malaika Bishop, Sierra Harvest & Nevada County Food Policy Council
  110. Maria Giovanni, California State University Chico, Dept. Food Sciences and Management
  111. Mara Lefkowitz, Changemaker
  112. Maria Giovanni, Changemaker
  113. Marlene Merrill, Community Action Partnership of San Bernardino County
  114. Marie Giacolone, Slow Food Sonoma County North
  115. Marie Sayles, Barnraiser
  116. Mark Feichtmeir, Kenwood Permaculture
  117. Mark Lipson, Changemaker
  118. Martin Bourque, Ecology Center CA Market Match Consortium
  119. Mary Pittman, Public Health Institute
  120. Max Caruso, Slow Food Russian River
  121. Melita Love, Farm to Pantry
  122. Mia Smith, Changemaker
  123. Miles Gordon, Mendocino County Food Policy Council
  124. Michael O’Gorman, Farmer Veteran Coalition
  125. Michelle Reynolds, Sacramento Natural Foods Coop
  126. Molly Bell, Chez Panisse
  127. Navina Khanna, Heal Food Alliance
  128. Naomi Starkman, Civil Eats
  129. Nicole Schwab, Changemaker
  130. Nick Papadopoulos, Crop Mobster
  131. Noralee Bauthaues Stewart, Changemaker
  132. Owen and Patsy Dimock, some good parents!
  133. Pat Swan, Changemaker
  134. Patti Searle, Changemaker
  135. Paul Dolan, Dark Horse Vineyard & Farming Company
  136. Paula & David Shatkin, Slow Food Russian River & the Gravenstein Apple Presidium
  137. Paula Downing, Slow Food Russian River
  138. Peg Champion, Champion Organic Communications
  139. Peggy Duly, Barnraiser Community
  140. Peter & Mimi Buckley, Front Porch Farm
  141. Peter Rogers, Changemaker
  142. Renata Brillinger, California Climate & Agriculture Network
  143. Rnee Guilbault, Essayer, LLC
  144. Richard Rominger, Rominger Brothers Farms & Former Secretary, California Department of Food & Agriculture & Former Deputy Secretary, United States Department of Agriculture
  145. Rich Collins, Collins Farm & California Endive Farms
  146. Robert Tod Chubrich, Writer and Investor
  147. Robin Lowey, Changemaker
  148. Ron Pardini, Urban Village Farmers Market Association
  149. Rosalind Rosario, Changemaker
  150. Ross Stromberg, Farm to Pantry
  151. Sally Rogers, Changemaker
  152. Sandra Mardigian, Changemaker
  153. Sandy Mays, Vanguard Properties & Slow Food Russian River
  154. Shakirah Simley, Bi-Rite Market
  155. Shannin Stein, Changemaker
  156. Shannon Wilson, Changemaker
  157. Sheila Dillon, Food Journalist
  158. Stacey McKinley, Changemaker
  159. Stefhan Gordon, SHG Photo
  160. Sue Sigler, CA Association of Food Banks
  161. Susan Campbell, Changemaker & Slow Food Russian River
  162. Susan Vitulli, Changemaker
  163. Suzanne Grady, Petaluma Bounty
  164. Sylvia Ruiz, Changemaker
  165. Teresa Ferrari, Changemaker
  166. TomKat Ranch Educational Foundation
  167. Tom Tomich, UC Davis, Agricultural Sustainability Institute
  168. Trisha Carreiro, Changemaker
  169. Vance Corum, Changemaker
  170. Victoria Armigo, Regenerative Communities Network
  171. William Rosenzweig, Physic Ventures & the Food Business School
  172. Zeno Swijtink, Slow Food Russian River

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