CAFPC Members

The California Food Policy Council is comprised of 27 ratified members (as of September 2016):

  1. Berkeley Food Policy Council [a]
  2. Central Coast Healthy Food Access Committee [c]
  3. Community Food Council for Del Norte and Adjacent Tribal Lands [a]
  4. Eden Area Food Alliance (formerly Ashland Cherryland Food Policy Council) [c]
  5. Food-Ag-Nutrition Network of Solano (formerly Solano County Food Policy Council) [a]
  6. Food Policy Advisory Council serving San Bernardino County [a]
  7. Growing Local (Shasta) [c]
  8. Humboldt Food Policy Council [a]
  9. Kern Food Policy Council [a]
  10. Long Beach Fresh [a]
  11. Los Angeles Food Policy Council [c]
  12. Marin Food Policy Council [a]
  13. Mendocino County Food Policy Council [a]
  14. Nevada County Food Policy Council [c]
  15. North County Food Policy Council (San Diego) [a]
  16. Oakland Food Policy Council [a]
  17. Orange County Food Access Coalition [a]
  18. Plumas-Sierra Community Food Council [a]
  19. Richmond Food Policy Council [c]
  20. Riverside Food Systems Alliance [c]
  21. Sacramento Food Policy Council [a]
  22. San Francisco Urban Ag Alliance [a]
  23. San Diego Food Systems Alliance [c]
  24. San Luis Obispo County Food System Coalition [c]
  25. San Mateo Food System Alliance [a]
  26. Tehama County Community Food Alliance [c]
  27. Yolo Ag and Food Alliance [c]

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Legend: [c] = CAFPC Collaborating Member, [a] = CAFPC Advocating Member