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Happy Thanksgiving to all our Facebook friends! We are grateful to be in relationship to you via this tool of the modern age. We are grateful for your interest in our effort to create more health and resilience for our people and communities through a rapid evolution of our food and farms. We are grateful for the farmers and ranchers who are awakening to healthier, more just and sustainable ways of raising up our food from soil well cared for. We are grateful for the food chain workers from field to table who process, transport, prepare, serve and recycle or compost what remains after the meal. We are grateful to the livestock that are born and live to deliver abundantly of themselves to feed us. We are grateful to the resource managers working to protect and conserve the water, soil, species diversity and atmosphere so that our ecosystem will remain in balance and bountiful. We are grateful to all those on the front lines articulating, organizing, advocating and legislating to reimagine and reform our food system to ensure a better world for our kids. Enjoy your circle of family and friends on this special day.
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