Flipping the Table: Honest Conversations About Food, Farming
and the Future

The production of food does more to damage the planet’s health than any other human activity. Global warming, degradation of species, soil, water, air and rural economies and epidemics of diet-related disease reveal the challenges. And yet there is real hope. Visionaries and revolutionaries are innovating to replace the harmful. You hear dynamic and enlightening conversations with the people who are flipping the table to create new ways to feed the world. It will inspire action and positivity in our challenging times and appeal to listeners and sponsors who hunger for healthy and resilient people, communities and economics.

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Host: Michael Reid Dimock is the program director of Roots of Change at the Public Health Institute. From a leadership role in the global Slow Food Movement to leadership of winning policy campaigns, for two decades he has led catalytic work to transform thinking and laws governing our production of food and management of farms. He serves on the advisory board of the UCLA Law School’s Resnick Food Law and Policy Program as well as the nonprofit boards of Farm to Pantry and the Wild Farm Alliance. Author, Katrina Fried, and Photographer, Paul Mobley, feature Michael in their book, Everyday Heroes: 50 Americans Changing The World. His network of allies and social media followers is global, linking 140,000 individuals and organizations.

Producer: Patrick Sexton committed himself early on to music and sound production. He toured with the San Francisco Boys Choir and later attended SAE Expression Creative Media College where he studied audio engineering and entertainment business. In the early 2000s he focused his passion on the emerging underground hip hop scene, founding a music production company, Dnae Beats. He produced cult classic recordings by Gift of Gab of Blackalicious and Eligh of Living Legends and toured the world as a performing DJ. His music is heard on television programs such Workaholics and Silicon Valley. In 2013 he moved from Los Angeles to Sonoma County where he has expanded his passions to include cooking and local organic food. As producer he applies his audio expertise with a vision to build a large and diverse audience.

2019 Season Schedule

Available Episodes

Episode 1, January 15th: Anya Fernald,
Co-founder and CEO, Belcampo Meat Company: Meat is Political: What is the future of meat? Part I






Recorded Episodes to be Released

Pulse of the Food Movement, January 22: Thoughts on Building Food Movement Power

Episode 2, January 29th: Dr. Howard-Yana Shapiro, Chief Agricultural Officer, Mars Inc: Disrupting Agriculture: Regenerative Agriculture, Gene Editing and the Challenge of Reaching Societal Agreement

Brief Commentary, February 5th: Reflections on Food and Farming

Episode 3, February 12th: Miakoda Taylor, Founder and CEO, Fierce Allies: Creating Food Movement Power by Healing Its Dis-membered Parts

Pulse of the Food Movement, February 19th: Thoughts on Building Food Movement Power

Episode 4, February 26th: Dan Imhoff, Author of The Farm Bill: A Citizens Guide: The New Farm Bill: Where is it broken and how can it be fixed?

Brief Commentary, March 5th: Reflections on Food and Farming

Episode 5, March 12th: Naomi Starkman, Founder and Editor-in-Chief, Civil Eats: Considering the Food Movement: Where is it and where must it go?

Pulse of the Food Movement, March 19th: Thoughts on Building Food Movement Power

Episode 6, March 26th: Paul Dolan, Biodynamic Grapegrower & Former CEO Fetzer Vineyards: What is Regenerative Agriculture & Why Does it Matter? 

Brief Commentary, April 2nd: Reflections on Food and Farming

Episode 7, April 9th: Nicolette Hahn Niman, Author, Defending Beef: The Case for Sustainable Meat Production: Meat is Political: What is the future of meat? Part II

Pulse of the Food Movement, April 16th: Thoughts on Building Food Movement Power

Episode 8, April 23rd: Woody Tasch, Founder of the Slow Money Institute: Slow Money: Is It a Viable Way to Fund Expansion of Local Food Systems?


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