Healthy Soils Network Advocacy Campaign

As part of the Healthy Soils Network (HSN), ROC works with many allies to advocate for large increases in state funding for climate smart agriculture programs, particularly the Healthy Soil Program.

This globally innovative program provides farmers with incentives for capturing soil carbon through many practices that improve soil health. The pandemic has provided an opportunity to widen advocacy to include rural economic development and worker protections. In 2019 and 2020, the HSN has sent a steady stream of letters and presented in-depth briefings to top Newsom Administration officials such as the Secretary of Food and Agriculture, Karen Ross; Secretary for Natural Resources, Wade Crowfoot; Secretary of Environmental Protection, Jared Blumenfeld; Director of the Department of Pesticide Regulation, Val Dolcini; and Department of Conservation Director, David Shabazian. Our goal is to influence state resources flowing from the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund, various current and future bond measures and any other funds that will move agriculture into its proper role as a global warming solution, a driver of economic development and an ally in the fight to protect our degrading ecosystem.