Current Status of ROC Supported Bills

Updated September 8, 2020

COVID-19 upended ROC’s planned legislative strategies for the year. It reprioritized state legislators’ attention, truncated deliberation and led to massive culling of bills from the original list of submissions. We focused our attention on two goals: 1) delivering documents to the Governor, Cabinet Members and legislative leaders that we authored with allies and that focused on post-COVID economic recovery and the need for dramatic food and agriculture policy change to meet the challenges of future pandemics and global warming; 2) advocacy on bills that we thought could make it through the disrupted process. We had to shift our focus several times during the session. In short, sustainable agriculture legislation made no headway, but some legislation to provide emergency services related to food and Black Lives Matter did move forward. Below are the session’s preliminary results. Hit the links to learn more about each bill. Next month we will update you on those bills now before the Governor.


Bills that Stalled in 1st or 2nd Chamber

AB 1839 Economic, environmental and social recovery: Covid-19 Recovery Deal (Rob Bonta)

AB 2466 California Community Health Fund (Richard Bloom)

AB 2887 Statewide emergencies: mitigation (Rob Bonta)


Bills that Are Dead

AB 2039 Mobile slaughter operations: sheep and goats (Marc Levine)

AB 2949 School meals: nutritional requirements (Monique Limon)

AB 2954 California Global Warming Solutions Act: climate goal: natural and working lands. (Robert Rivas)


Bills on Governor’s Desk Awaiting Signature

AB 826 Emergency food assistance: COVID-19 (Miguel Santiago)

AB 2054 Emergency services: community response: grant program (Sydney Kamlager)

AB 3121 Task Force to Study and Develop Reparation Proposals for African Americans (Dr. Shirley Weber)

SB 1383 Unlawful employment practice: family leave (Hannah-Beth Jackson)