Roots of Change delivers roadmaps to victory for the food movement, which seeks a healthy, equitable and resilient food system.

Roots of Change works to expand and serve a collaborative network seeking a healthy and resilient food system in California by the year 2030.

This network includes individuals, community-based organizations, food producers and businesses, advocating nonprofits, government agencies, and our financial supporters. We all share a commitment to improve our culture’s understanding of our food system from field to table, its production systems and markets, and the policies that guide its function. 

  • We develop and advocate for food and farm policy that will improve health and resilience.
  • Communicate with the public, food producers, advocates and policy makers to accelerate change.
  • Provide our network with communication tools for expanding the base of support for change.
  • Spawn and coordinate successful advocacy campaigns that deliver policies that will serve all Californians today and into the future.