Roots of Change Network

Roots of Change was created with the intent of growing a network of diverse stakeholders united by the vision of healthy, affordable, safe, just and ecologically responsible food and agriculture in California by the year 2030. We believe that a shared vision and aligned goals among network segments, will speed the transformation of the food and agriculture system.

The network has six distinct segments: entrepreneurs, farmers and ranchers, funders, nonprofits, public agencies, and individuals. Each requires different forms of investment and support. Each has different assets to apply to the challenges we face in food and farming. Our job is to help obtain the specific support needed by each and to advocate for network members to apply their assets in ways that optimize impact.


The Roots of Change network includes a large number of convenings including the three Fellows classes. We also work closely with Ag Innovations to organize the California Roundtable on Agriculture and the Environment (CRAE) and county-based roundtables throughout the state.

Public Sector

The public sector is comprised of government legislative bodies and agencies. They set the rules of the game used by the farmers, ranchers, and business leaders who feed the nation.

Non Profits

The movement for healthy food and agriculture began and has grown largely as a result of non-profit organizations. The non-profits we have highlighted here reflect the breadth of issues covered by the movement.


Roots of Change unifies the collective effort of multiple donors wishing to impact the movement for healthy food and agriculture by leveraging their resources and contributing to a learning community of funders.


Roots of Change believes that abundant, safe, healthy, fresh, and affordable food is a foundation for a positive future for all Californians. In a market-based economy, powerful solutions must come from entrepreneurs who apply sustainable principles and practices in their businesses.

Farmers & Ranchers

Roots of Change is working together with California’s farmers and ranchers to ensure that every aspect of our food—from the time it’s grown to the time it’s eaten—is healthy, safe, profitable, and fair for those who grow it and for the state where it’s grown.


Each year we have the opportunity to create our own traditions that reflect the world that we would like to see. Below are a few ideas, materials and useful tools to help you host a wonderful event that can help nourish and educate your friends and family.