Food Movement Rising


Industrialization, Fewer Farmers

-       “Wheat Harvest” Image #1 Authors: Sam McNeill, Doug Overhults and Mike Montross

-       “Wheat Harvest-Tri-Cities Grain” Image #3 Photographer Scott Butner

Suburban Development

-       “1984-2008 Time Series” Courtesy of Farmland Mapping and Monitoring Program (FMMP)

-       “Recurring Suburban Dream” Housing Development # 3 Photographer Tom Young at

Pesticides, Oil, Nitrogen

-       “GreenSeeker Nitrogen Fertilizer Applicator” Image courtesy of Department of Plant and Soil Sciences

Climate Change, Pollution, Dead Zones

-       “Nutrients from agricultural runoffImage courtesy of The Smithsonian Institution

-       “Mississippi Dead Zone” Image courtesy of NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center Scientific Visualization Studio

Factory Farming

-       “Battery Cages” # 2 Image courtesy of Farm Sanctuary

-       “Factory Farm Map” Image courtesy of Food & Water Watch (FWW)

Antibiotic-resistant Bacteria

-       “Farm Animals” Photographer Jose Manuel Ribeiro

Oppression of Undocumented Workers

-       “Ice Arrest” Associated Press Image

-       “Girl UFW Picket” Photographer ©Bob Fitch at

Food Deserts Due To Poverty and Racism

-        "Food Deserts in Detroit” Thomas E. Wesley, University of Michigan-Dearborn

-        "McDonalds” Photographer Daniela Aceves

Subsidized, Unhealthy Calories

-       “Fast Food” Photographer Christian Cable at

-       “1956 Swanson TV Dinner” Image courtesy

Diabetes Epidemic, especially in Poor Communities

-       “U.S Obesity Trends” Courtesy of CDC Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS)



Organic Movement Takes Off

-       “U.S Organic Food Sales” Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, 2009. Based on data complied by the Organic Trade Association. ©Queen’s Printer for Ontario 2006.

Rice Farmers Stop Burning and Create Bird Habitat

-       “Bird” Image courtesy of California Rice Commission

-       " Resting Birds" Image 2 courtesy of California Rice Commission

-       “Flock of Birds” Image 3 courtesy of California Rice Commission

Local Food, Farmers Markets Spread

-       “Eat Local Food!” Photographer Donkeycart

Wineries Embrace Sustainable Standards

-       "Solar Panels"  Photographer Greg Hirson

-       “The Code of Sustainable Winegrowing”  Image courtesy of California Sustainable Winegrowing Alliance

Food and Farming Events Attract Crowds

-       “2010 Eat Real Festival” Photographer Bryan C. Bernardo

-       "Farm Aid Festival" Courtesy of Farm Aid, Inc.

School Gardens and Farm to School Expand

-        "Live Aloha 2010" School Farm # 1 Photographer Clay Mckell

-        “Alisal Union School District School Farm Trip” School Farm # 2 Courtesy of Agriculture and Land-Based Training Association (ALBA)

Farmworkers Win Key Contracts

-       “Coalition of Immokalee Workers (CIW)” Courtesy of Food First/ Institute for Food and Development Policy

-       “From the Florida Tomato Field” Photographer Scott Robertson at

Obama’s Push for Healthy Food

-       “Obama signs childhood nutrition bill” Official White House Photo

-       "Know your farmer, Know your food" Courtesy of USDA

-        “Let’s Move Logo” Courtesy of Let’s Move

-       “Michelle Obama Garden” Official White House Photo by Lawrence Jackson